How do I pay & how do I get paid



Here at Petbuds we do our best to ensure that our pet carers are paid on time and are paid the correct amount. Below is the process of payment for the pet carer and how to pay as a pet owner. After each booking regardless of it being a once off booking or a recurring booking the pet owner and pet carer needs to submit a service record. After the records have been successfully completed the payment for recurring bookings will be released weekly. The payment for once off bookings will be released 48 hours after the service records have been completed. Please allow extra time as some banks process payments faster than others.

All payments to pet carers are subjected to Petbuds 15% commission.

Pet carer payment process. 

  • Pet carers are paid once a week for recurring booking minus Petbuds 15% commission.
  • All payments are made directly into your UK bank account
  • The funds will only be released for the work that has been completed 
  • For once off bookings the payment will be released 48 hours after both owner and pet carer has submitted their service records.
  • Service records must be completed by the end of business on Mondays for the previous weeks work and all service records must be completed the day after the booking has been completed for once off bookings. This allows us enough time to arrange the payments and resolve any issues.

How to pay as a pet owner.

  • When the pet owner has agreed the terms with a pet carer and is ready to make a booking. The pet owner will load their card details onto the app/website. We then store your details securely.
  • You then be charged automatically for the job you have requested. The full amount will be taken for once off bookings and the first week’s total earnings for recurring bookings will be taken.
  • We charge the card straight away so when the pet carer has competed the job (recurring or once off) there is minimal delay in paying the pet carer
  • The pet owner may be charged a booking fee this will determined by the Petbuds team.