Pet Carer FAQs

Pet Carer Questions


How do I sign up to Petbuds as a Pet Carer?

You can download our app at Google Play or on the App Store. Alternatively, you can visit and register for free online.


How do I reset my password?

When you sign into the app select ‘forgot password’ you will get a notification email and will be able to reset your password. Alternatively, if you need support please contact


What do I need to do to be approved as a Pet Carer?

You must ensure that your profile is fully completed. This includes verifying your telephone number and email address. Your profile is the place where owners learn about you, your experiences and the service you provide. So, it's important you are able to show your best qualities through each section of your profile.


How do I provide a quote?

You will find under the listings tab all ads posted within your area. You can then view the ads by clicking on one and read the requirements to enable you to give an accurate quote. Once you have selected an open listing you would like to submit a quote for you can insert your hourly or weekly fee into the box. You will see the total amount minus fees. Once you are happy you must give some info to your pet owner such as, a friendly hello and welcome by introducing yourself and the services you provide.


Can I submit a quote for more than one ad?

Yes, you can submit quotes to as many ads as you want but please ensure that you are able to fulfil all jobs if the quotes are accepted.


How do I get paid?

Owners are charged at the time of booking, but Petbuds will hold onto these funds until the service is completed. You will need to check in and out before and after services are undertaken, this ensures you a fully insured during your services. Once services are completed you must end the job. Tracked walks can then be seen by the pet owner who is alerted through notifications on their app. You must ensure your bank details are fully uploaded in order to receive payments on time. The pet owner will sign the service off via the website or app. Once services are signed off as completed, payments will be allocated into pet carers bank account.

Important Notice: All Pet carers must use the 'Check in and Check out' feature as well as use the GPS tracking device to track your walk-in order to validate that the service has been completed. This is your proof of service and will need to be completed in order to prove the job has been completed. Checked services are fully insured, please note you are not fully insured unless you use this feature. Pet carers using this will be paid correctly and on time.

Important: Booking and getting paid through Petbuds is required per our Terms and Conditions. Never accept cash or online payments as payment for services - this can expose you to fraud, get your account flagged for suspension and be suspended from all Petbuds marketing advertising and insurance benefits.


If your payment has still not arrived in to your account, please message us with details of the pet, the booking id, and the dates in question and our finance team will investigate.


What is cancellation policy?

We do not have a cancellation policy it is up to the Pet Caring Business to make owners aware of their own policies, if they have one, before services commence. If no policy is explained and agreed all monies will be returned back to the owner.


If you wish to cancel a service

Please make your pet owner and Petbuds aware. We will endeavour to try and replace the lost service for the pet owner. We do not have a cancellation policy, so please ensure you provide this to the pet owner before undertaking any services.


How do I cancel a booking once I have confirmed previously?

Contact the owner via the app or website and explain you wish to cancel your bookings.


I have submitted a quote; how do I know it has been accepted?

You will receive either an email, text and pop-up notification. When logged into the app you will see a red dot over the bookings section.


How much experience do I need?

We have professional carers, sitters and dog walkers on board as well as those just starting their career. It is preferable to have experience so make sure this is clear on your profile. All applicants are vetted and experience can be taken into account.


What happens if a pet is injured in my care?

Unfortunately, accidents although rare can happen and that's why at Petbuds we look after our pet carers by providing them with our emergency insurance cover. This covers you for all emergency vet bills whilst the pet is under your care. You must ensure that all services were checked in and checked out to ensure that you are covered throughout your services.

When booking has been taken you will have an emergency card completed by the pet owner. When an animal is injured in your care it is your responsibility to ensure that they are provided with immediate emergency care. You must notify the pet owner. All vet bills will need to be paid upfront and claimed back. An excess fee of £250 will need to be paid by the pet owner. Please let us know about the accident as soon as possible or within 48 hours. If a claim is submitted late this may not be accepted by our insurance provider.


How many pets can I care for at a time?

We recommend boarding and sitting one pet at a time or multiple pets from the same family.


What should I charge?

You set your own prices, but an average dog walker will charge around £10.00-£15.00 per hour and sitting and boarding fees range from around £16.00-£25.00 per night. Remember to factor in your service fees of 20%. This is calculated for you on our app before you submit your quote, so you can insert your fees and see how much you would earn after fees.


What is the minimum age requirement to be a pet carer?

You must be 18 years or over to register as a pet carer. Age restrictions on use of the website or services. By registering to use our services, you certify that you are 18 years of age or older. Children under the age of 18 may not register or otherwise use the website or services, and parents or legal guardians may not agree to these terms on their behalf.


What is a certified business?

Some pet caring services also provide additional forms of identification including, additional insurance certificates, DBS checks and ID. When a pet caring business has shared these documents with us, we upload our stamp of certification to their profile. Below is an example of each logo: