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4 Reasons Why Lick Mats Are the New Pet Obsession

06 Jun 2024
4 Reasons Why Lick Mats Are the New Pet Obsession!

Have you ever thought about how to make the feeding time more interesting for your pets? Or how to support them in the fight against stress during difficult periods? If so, you may use a lick mat for your pet. This innovative tool is gradually gaining popularity among pet owners due to its multiple advantages. But what exactly are they, and why are they so useful for dogs and cats?

What is a Lick Mat?

A lick mat is another feeder that is basically made of a textured surface that is able to hold small measures of soft food. The concept is simple yet highly effective: the grooves and ridges of the lick mat force your pet to lick and nuzzle to get his/her food, thus slowing down the consumption of food. This action can help stimulate the brain, decrease stress levels, and even improve dental hygiene. 

Why Using Lick Mats is Good for Dogs and Cats?

For those who own a dog, a cat, or even a puppy, lick mats are a great addition to the pet care routine.

  • Mental Stimulation: Dog lick mats are fun and challenging for your pet as they try to lick all of the food off of the mat. This could be especially helpful for the breeds that require a lot of energy release as well as inquisitive felines, engaged and stimulated.

  • Anxiety reduction: The circular motion of the tongue is gentle and they use this motion to comfort their pets for example during storms, fire crackers or at the vet. It can also be beneficial for dogs that are afflicted with separation anxiety as well.

  • Improved Digestion: With lick mats, the eating process is slowed down and this will help to reduce the chances of the dog gulping food and therefore minimize the chances of developing bloat, which is a life-threatening condition. It also applies to cats in that it may assist in the control of body weight and the prevention of vomiting due to gulping of food.

  • Dental Health: It is also possible to use the licking action to clean your pet’s tongue, reduce cases of mouth odor, and strengthen gums. Some lick mats have raised surfaces that act like a rasp to remove bacteria and pieces of food from a dog’s tongue.

Choosing the Right Lick Mat for Your Pet

In this case, the different aspects to consider are size, the material used and design of the lick mat for the benefit of the pet.

  • Size: Make sure the mat is of the right size for your pet. It could be that a larger dog will require a large mat to keep him occupied while a small mat is ideal for a cat or a puppy.

  • Material: Choose a material that is not toxic and one that your pet cannot chew or lick off. Silicone is preferred because it is elastic, non-staining, and does not cause discomfort to the pet’s tongue.

  • Design: Hence, different textures and patterns can offer different difficulty or engagement levels to the users. There are mats with grooves designed to conceal treats; other lick mats for dogs have raised ridges designed to hold spreadable foods.

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Integrating Lick Mats into Your Pet's Routine

It is quite easy to integrate lick mat into the lifestyle of your pet and thus the benefits that come with it.

  • Mealtime: One good trick is to use a cat lick mat as a slow feeder, this will help in extending the duration the pet takes while feeding. This can be beneficial for pets, particularly those that overindulge and get gastrointestinal troubles.

  • Treat Time: Include a lick mat as one of the treats to give the pet something to do. This is especially handy during moments when you require your pet to divert his attention to something else, for instance, when you have visitors at home.

  • Training: You can reward your pooch with the lick mat during training sessions. It can be a high value treat that you will always use to reward your pet for focus and motivation.

Why Petbuds?

As you may know, at Petbuds we believe that your furry friends need the best Pet Feeders accessories that are entertaining and secure for them. Lick mats for dogs and cats are foods that are tailored towards the needs of your dog or cat. Our puppy lick mat, crafted from premium non-toxic materials, are easy to clean and provide long lasting use. 

Petbuds offer a puppy lick mat, a slow feeder, a standard pet bowl, and so much more to suit your needs. When you choose us, you are simply not buying a product, you are investing in the health of your pet. All our products are made to meet the highest standards of quality and food safety to cater for the needs of your beloved pets.


Lick mats are incredibly useful in your pet care regime as they are helpful from mental well-being to digestion support. Since there are a lot of designs and materials in the market, getting a lick mat for your dog or cat can easily be done at Petbuds. Take your pet feeding experience to another level with our lick mats for dogs and other feeding accessories today. Visit Petbuds to learn more about our offering and give your pets the affection and attention they need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lick mats serve as interactive feeding tools for dogs. They encourage slower eating, mental stimulation, and relaxation by spreading out treats or wet food on their textured surface.

PetBuds Lick mats provide a range of advantages for our furry friends. First, they have a calming effect – the repetitive licking action soothes dogs and reduces anxiety. Additionally, the textured surface of lick mats can contribute to better oral health by helping clean their teeth and gums. These mats also encourage slower eating, which aids digestion. Lastly, they serve as a form of entertainment, keeping dogs engaged and mentally active. So, whether your pup needs relaxation or mental stimulation, a lick mat is a great choice!

PetBuds Lick mats provide several benefits for our canine companions. They help reduce anxiety through calming licking behavior. Additionally, these mats encourage slower eating, support digestion, offer mental stimulation, and contribute to better oral health due to their textured surface.

You can use various dog-friendly foods: Peanut butter is a classic choice, but ensure it’s unsalted and xylitol-free. Yogurt provides probiotics and a tasty treat. Wet dog food can be spread in a thin layer for extended licking sessions, and pureed fruits or veggies like pumpkin or sweet potato are also good options.

Absolutely! Freezing treats on the mat extends licking time and provides a refreshing challenge. Try yogurt, broth, or mashed banana for a cool treat.

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