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Discover Top 7 Destinations for Dog Friendly Holidays in the UK

10 Jul 2024
Discover Top 7 Destinations for Dog Friendly Holidays in the UK

Pet parents try their best to make their furry friends healthy and happy. As humans love to visit new places and explore them, dogs also feel the same. Their happiness when they visit new places can be seen from the vigorous wagging of their tails. Just like us, they don’t want to leave those places. But when the pet parents know that their dogs enjoy such places so much, then why can’t they take them along everywhere?

Well, not all places are pet friendly.

If this is so, why don’t we explore some of the destinations for dog friendly holidays UK and help you save your time exploring such places. Lucky are the pet parents who live the UK; they have so many places to choose from. Pet parents know that it is very important to socialize their dog, and such holiday destinations can be a perfect place for it.

A few more minutes and you will know about the top 7 destinations for dog friendly holidays in the UK to choose from:

  1. Cornwall

Make your dog feel over the moon by visiting the South West Coast of the UK to arrive at Cornwall. This place has subtropical climate, with a temperature of around 10 degrees for 7 months of the year. Not many people know this, but there are only 5 beaches in Cornwall that prohibit dogs. Cornwall is a haven for having dog friendly holidays UK.

Don’t forget to take along a dog travel bag and dog travel mat for making your pet feel comfortable during the adventure.

  1. Norfolk

The Old Hunstanton is quite a village located in Norfolk. It is a pet friendly place with a coastline full of pet friendly resorts. As it is a serene countryside area, it is an excellent choice for dog friendly holidays UK. With a host of unspoilt landscapes to enjoy, there are a variety of places to go with your dog. Old Hunstanton is one such place where you can find plenty of other pet parents.

Make sure to take along a dog harness or no pull dog harness while exploring the coast. 

Countryside Retreats

  1. The Lake District

One of England’s best-loved national parks is The Lake District. With plenty of mountains, lakes, and trails, there is no shortage of your dog experiencing adventure here. With plenty of dog-friendly cafes, it is the perfect place for you to enjoy along with your dog.

A retractable dog lead or extendable dog lead can be used for keeping your dog safe while hiking in The District Lake.

  1. The Cotswold's

If you want to provide your dog a relaxing vacation, take them to the classic English countryside in the Cotswold's. With dog-friendly gardens like the Hidcote Manor, you can walk for miles at the Cotswold Way and enjoy dog holidays UK. Here you can find multiple inns and hotels where you and your furry friend can enjoy a meal.

A dog car harness can be useful during a car journey in Cotswold's.

Urban Adventures

  1. Edinburgh

If you feel that you cannot visit a countryside area, there are some options available in the urban area as well. Edinburgh provides urban adventure to your furry friend. Your dog can have a vacation at the Holyrood Park and the Meadows. Many of the cafes and pubs in Edinburgh are pet friendly. The Balmoral Hotel provides luxurious stay and dog friendly holidays makes the stay of your dog memorable.

A no pull dog harness or body leash for dog is a perfect choice for keeping your dog safe while exploring the urban streets of Edinburgh.

  1. London

London is the city with the highest number of dog friendly places. Because of the city's expansive parks, dog-friendly activities and green spaces, it is a great place for your pets to enjoy the open area. Many parks have 'Dog Friendly Screenings', where you can enjoy the latest films with your pet.

A body leash for dog would be suggested to control your dog in a busy place like London.

Pet friendly accommodation

  1. Devon

Devon, in the southwest of England, is an amazing holiday destination for dog holidays UK. There are many cottages and hotels which even often basic dog amenities like dog beds and dog treats. The Arundell, Devon welcomes dogs to its dog-friendly enclosed gardens and beaches.

Don’t forget to take along a retractable dog lead or extendable dog lead to explore Devon in a better way.

Key Takeaways

With so many options to choose from, now there is no need to leave behind your fury friend at your home. You can choose from both urban and countryside areas as per your convenience. It is suggested to pack a dog travel bag which would have the basic things like dog travel mat, dog car harness, and a no pull dog harness and dog leash. These things would ensure a safe travel for your dog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Many shops, restaurants and even public transport allow the entry of pets. England is a perfect place to spend quality time with your furry friend.

Leading animal welfare charities like RSPCA and Blue Cross are home to many dogs that are in need of a loving home. However you can also connect with a breeder, who follows high standards.

There are many airlines in which you can travel alongside your dog in the cabin. Some of them are Southwest, Alaska, United, American, Delta, Hawaiian, Spirit, and Frontier.

Swindon is known as the dog capital of the UK. This is so because it has a ratio of 316 dogs per 1000 humans.

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