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Chew-Proof Dog Beds - Changing Everything We Know About Pet Care

13 May 2024
Chew-Proof Dog Beds - Changing Everything We Know About Pet Care

When dogs chew a lot, it can be frustrating. They do this mainly because they feel anxious when left alone, get bored, or are just curious like puppies usually are. In this blog, we'll talk about how to pick a good bed that can withstand chewing and also give tips on dealing with why your dog chews so much. Remember, a tough dog beds chew proof helps with the chewing problem but doesn't fix why they chew in the first place. It's a step towards a solution, though. 

Tough dog beds chew proof for Dogs who chew a lot 

While some dogs behave well and don't chew things, many of us have playful pups that turn dog beds into messes. Sadly, there's no dog cave bed that dogs can't chew completely. Naturally, if you find any dog picking everything to gnaw on, don’t worry. We are ready to input our knowledge and motivate by providing necessary steps. 

Why do dogs chew stuff up ? 

When your dog chews up their bed, it's not just about the bed itself. There are deeper reasons that owners can address. A tough dog bed chew proof can help, but it's not the ultimate fix. You need to tackle the real causes.

Dogs chew their beds mainly because they're curious puppies exploring, bored and lacking stimulation, or dealing with anxiety, like separation anxiety. Understanding these reasons is key. Teething puppies often chew to relieve their gums, but they don't always know what's off-limits. This curiosity can lead to household items getting chewed, including their beds.

Chew-Proof Dog Beds - Changing Everything We Know About Pet Care

A chew-resistant bed can slow this down, but training is crucial. Correcting them when they chew something wrong and praising them for chewing the right things teaches boundaries. Positive reinforcement works better than just scolding them. While there may be initial challenges, dogs learn quickly with consistent training.

Tough dog beds chew proof are sturdy, especially for puppies who don't have strong jaws yet. However, size doesn't always matter; some small dogs can chew like giants. Training and a durable bed together can solve many chewing issues, promoting a happier coexistence.

Other physiological reasons for chewing the beds 

  • Boredom in dogs 

The dogs may chew on everything that is available to them due to boredom, sometimes even if they have toys. Such things as walks or runs for regular exercise are a good help to them letting go of too much energy which reduces their chances for destructive behavior. Interactive toys, such as puzzle treat balls or Kongs, can also keep them engaged. These activities reduce the likelihood of them destroying things and promote a contented, relaxed state when they settle down with their toys.

  • Separation anxiety 

Destructive nature of dogs is  a result of the anxiety when being left alone which is called separation anxiety in dogs. It could either come from experience or be born with. For example, our family dog, abandoned on a highway, became anxious whenever we left or traveled by car. Dogs with separation anxiety may chew things to cope with their distress when alone, highlighting the need for understanding and addressing their emotional well-being.

Read our blog to understand how anti-anxiety dog beds help to comfort our furry friends: 
Pet Parents' Guide To Finding The Best Anti-Anxiety Dog Beds UK

Choosing the best chew proof bed for your dog 

Breaking down the factors to consider when selecting a chew-resistant dog bed helps ensure you choose one that offers both durability and comfort, contributing to your furry friend's well-being.

  • Fabric Quality: The fabric used on the outside of the bed is crucial. Titan Ballistic fabric is highly recommended for its durability. Some dog nest Bed, use ripstop fabric, which helps prevent rips from worsening, but Titan Ballistic fabric is more resistant to initial tears.

  • Water Resistance and Washability: Opt for waterproof washable dog beds covers that are machine washable. This keeps the bed clean, easy to care for, and maintains a fresh and healthy environment for your dog.

  • Enclosure Mechanism: The way the bed is enclosed is important. Dogs often target zippers and seams. Some beds have hidden enclosures protecting the zipper with a velcro flap, making it challenging for dogs to access vulnerable points.

  • Support and Comfort: Orthopedic memory foam is highly recommended for its support and durability. It relieves pressure points that traditional beds may not, promoting better joint health and blood flow for your dog, regardless of age.

Benefits of chew proof bed 

Chew-resistant beds offer numerous advantages for both dogs and their owners:

  • These beds are specifically engineered to withstand the strong jaws and chewing tendencies of dogs, ensuring they last longer and are a cost-effective choice.

  • By using best dog beds uk, the risk of dogs ingesting harmful materials like foam or stuffing from regular beds is significantly reduced. This helps prevent digestive issues and blockages, promoting the overall well-being of pets.

  • Investing in chew-resistant beds proves economical over time, as they eliminate the need for frequent replacements due to damage caused by chewing behaviors.

  • Providing dogs with a designated and sturdy sleeping area encourages them to chew on appropriate items such as indestructible dog toys, fostering good behavior and preventing destructive chewing habits.

  • Many chew-proof beds use orthopedic memory foam or other supportive materials, offering comfort and relief for dogs with joint pain or arthritis.


Choosing a tough dog beds chew proof  such as Petbuds ensures unparalleled durability, safety, and comfort for your cherished pet. Petbuds provides a secure and hygienic sleeping space, promoting positive behavior and offering long-term cost savings. Give your furry friend the best with Petbuds!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The greatest dog beds in the UK include robust chew-resistant beds, waterproof washable dog beds, dog nest beds, and dog cave beds. These beds are durable, comfortable, and easy to clean, meeting the diverse needs of pet owners.

Chew-proof dog beds are meant to be both durable and comfortable. These beds are made of durable materials that can withstand chewing while still offering a comfortable area for your dog to rest.

Waterproof washable dog beds are easy to clean and maintain, making them excellent for dogs that are prone to accidents or spend a lot of time outside. These mattresses are resistant to dampness and odors, offering a clean and sanitary sleeping environment for your pet.

A dog nest bed is a bed with raised borders that provides a comfortable and secure environment for your dog. Many dogs appreciate the nest-like design, which makes them feel protected and comfortable.

A dog cave bed has a covered design that resembles a den, which gives your dog a sense of protection and seclusion. This style of bed is especially good for dogs who enjoy burrowing or who want to sleep in a quiet, contained place.

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