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Pet Parents' Guide to Finding the Best Anti-Anxiety Dog Beds UK

08 May 2024
Pet Parents' Guide to Finding the Best Anti-Anxiety Dog Beds UK

Being a pet parent, we understand that our furry little ones require nothing less than the best, and a good dog bed is not a luxury but an absolute need. It is of great importance that a dog be comfortable since the greater part of its life is spent lying down.

Types of Dog Beds UK

Orthopedic Beds

Senior dogs or dogs with joint problems are best suited with orthopedic dog beds, providing extra support and cushioning from the mattress and therefore relieving from any discomfort.

Bolster dog beds

Bolster dog beds have edges that are higher so as to help dogs that are scared. They are great for small dogs that love to curl up and feel like they are in a safe place.

Cushion Beds

Cushion dog beds are extremely fluffy and velvety, which is very soothing to dogs that like to nest in their bed. Quality and ease of cleaning of materials must be achieved.

Raised beds

The raised dog beds get your dog off the cold floor and allow for good airflow. They are ideal in warmer weather or for a pet that just likes a cooler situation.

Things to Remember While Picking the Best Dog Beds UK

  • Size and shape: The dog's size and how it really sleeps may also be considered. This goes on variation; some sleep with their feet in all directions, while others curl their knees into their belly.

  • Material: Consider using nonallergic and sturdy materials for the anti-anxiety pet bed. Some of the best materials to use would be memory foam and high-density foam. 

  • Soothing Effects: Most anti-anxiety beds come with soothing smells or even weighted blankets that contribute to the soothing of fretful pets.

  • Accessible: Select a bed that is easy for your dog to step into and out of, especially if it's an older or mobility-impaired dog.

  • Durability: Dogs can be really rough on their bedding. Look for strong stitching and tear-resistant textiles.

Why Waterproof, Washable Dog Beds UK Is Must

Let's face it, accidents happen. It could be bringing a new, inquisitive puppy home or caring for a senior dog to whom one had become very attached. That's why a waterproof washable dog bed UK isn't a nicety, it's a necessity. Here's why a waterproof, washable dog bed is now your best friend:

  • Peace of Mind: a life with dogs is full of the unexpected. A waterproof bed saves your furniture and carpets from those pee-pee accidents, leaks, and muddy paw prints. No more frantic scrubbing or expensive carpet cleaning!

  • Easy Cleanup, Happy You: Sure, accidents happen, but cleaning them up shouldn't be a hassle. So throw that case in the machine—finally, the waterproof, washable dog bed cover means easy cleaning. Voila! Your furry friend is clean, and you have a fresh bed right on hand.

  • Reduced Odors: Waterproof materials prevent seepage down into the bed core, reducing the likelihood of odors lingering in the bed for too long following any accidents. This way, your home stays fragrant and your dog's bed stays healthy.

  • Long-term investment: With many other dog beds, especially after accidents, a stinky and destroyed dog bed is going to happen very quickly. It's really an investment that lasts, and the easy cleaning can boost the life of a bed, saving you more money in the long run.

  • Comfy and Secure: And we can never overestimate that it's the comfort of your dog. Various designs and materials are open for purchase in waterproof and washable dog beds in UK, meaning your dog will have a cozy, comforting place to rest. Some have bolstered sides for that extra secure feeling for your pet.

Managing Dog Anxiety

Dogs become anxious like human beings do. Usual causes include separation from their owner, loud noises like thunderstorms, fireworks, a change in routine, or unfamiliar surroundings. Some of the indications that a dog shows when in anxiety include restlessness, barking loudly, doing something destructive, and trembling.

The Functions of Anti-Anxiety Dog Beds

Anti-anxiety beds UK are specially intended to bring comfort and security to fearful dogs:

Snug design: These mattresses frequently feature a comfortable, enclosed shape. Imagine them as a doggy hug! The sensation of being surrounded by soft edges helps relax frightened dogs.

Calming substances: Anti-anxiety dog beds provide velvety textures that replicate the warmth and comfort of a mother's fur. Look for beds constructed with soft textiles such as faux fur or microfiber.

Weighted Blankets: Some anxiety-relieving dog beds include built-in weighted blankets. The mild pressure, like swaddling a baby, creates a sense of security.

Vibration characteristics: Imagine your puppy getting a soothing massage! Certain dog beds include vibrating settings that can assist to reduce anxiety. The gentle vibrations imitate the comfort of being close to their pack.

PetBuds Top Anti-Anxiety Dog Beds UK

1. Nest Dog Bed

Designed with durable materials, it offers long-lasting comfort and support for your pet. The stylish Style Nest Cat Sofa Bed adds a touch of sophistication to any home decor. Give your pet the ultimate relaxation they deserve. 

Features: Cozy cocoon pet bed, deep and snug design, non-slip bottom, easy to clean, versatile comfort, memory foam base, bolster sides, and a water-resistant liner.

Ideal For: Dogs who need extra joint support.
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Nest Style Dog Bed

2. Donut Dog Bed

This Donut Dog Bed is not only washable but also sustainably-made, reducing its environmental impact.

Features: Non-skid bottom, warm and heated(self heating) during colder winter days, cool and breezy lounger for the summer days, soft faux fur, raised edges, and a removable, machine-washable cover.

Ideal For: Small to medium-sized dogs who love to curl up.

Buy Now: Sustainable Anxiety Donut Shaped Dog Bed

3. Kennel Dog Bed

It provides a comfortable and snug sleeping place for your pets. The sleeping dog bed provides some support and warmth to the sleeper due to the use of soft yet durable material. It is the ideal bed for your dearest sleeping dogs and cats. 

Key Features: Raised design with breathable mesh, strong frame with high-quality materials, waterproof and moisture-proof, easy to take care of, and durable.

Ideal For: Great for outdoor use or for dogs that like to lie down on cold surfaces.

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All dogs are individuals, so keep your eye on what your furry best friend is showing you and adapt as best as you can. Anti-anxiety dog beds should just be one tool in managing anxiety; combine them with the power of positive reinforcement, exercise, and a calm environment for best results.

Find your perfect bed to further promote your pup's comfort and well-being. PetBuds has styles available for just about any need including cozy donut, snuggly nest, and secure kennel. All are waterproof, washable, and made with top-quality materials for long-lasting comfort and easy cleaning.

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